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    Plastic Surgery: An Answer to All Your Age Concerns

    A plastic surgeon who takes up the procedure is an experienced professional and thus, one can be blindfolded confident enough while getting their face uplift. People prefer to go for plastic surgery due to the intensive treatment involved in the procedures. However, many do not prefer this with the sole reason that every surgery comes at a risk and when it is a plastic one, it can cause serious injuries. Moreover, the recovery period is very painful in a plastic surgery. This is more often common when there are certain corrections to be done on the face in addition to the uplift process. After undergoing a plastic surgery Vancouver, the individual needs to take aftercare for a couple of months in order to help the skin get used to the new change. The best part of the surgery is that it corrects every defect in the body. From birthmarks to burns to scars or even weight loss, there are many features that can be corrected with the help of a plastic surgery. All that is needed here is a little patience and of course a lot of confidence in the doctor who is treating you. However, this treatment proves to be a very costly affair and can be carried out only at specific hospitals that specialize in plastic surgeries.

    Plastic Surgeon holding a product
    Plastic surgery is becoming more and more common nowadays.

    Getting Plastic Surgery

    Before getting plastic surgery done, it’s important to find a reputable plastic surgeon in your area for a consultation. This can be done using PlasticSpot.io if you live in a qualifying city, or through a friend’s recommendation. You can do some online research both before and after the consultation, which many doctors offer for free. Some consultations do cost money, ranging from $50-150. It’s important to do this before your procedure to make sure you don’t regret your decision later though! Let’s discuss a few types of operations here.

    Botox Treatment

    Botox Treatment is the new age treatment which is very common among many women including celebrities across the world. It is a non-invasive procedure and is touted to be safer than surgery. The Botox treatment involves only a local or topical anesthesia and thus many risks can be avoided. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also confirms that the Botox treatment is a safe procedure. A Botox treatment involves a plastic surgeon who injects a solution into the area that needs to be corrected. This solution firms the skin area and thus, the wrinkles and fine lines tend to disappear. There is no painful procedure involved and neither does the treatment induce pain. You might experience redness, stiffness, dullness, nausea, muscle weakness, headache, and a little swelling in the problem area for a couple of days.

    However, there are few women who do not prefer this kind of treatment for face correction as it is not a permanent procedure. The effects of undergoing Botox treatment says for about nine months only. It needs to be repeated over time and this makes it time-consuming and costly. Botox ideally works on frown lines and thus not many women prefer this treatment. On the contrary, the Botox treatment is much more cost-effective than any other plastic treatment and thus, it is very popular among a younger generation of women who are more concerned about time and patience.

    All about liposuction

    Liposuction today is one of the best body contouring techniques that is safe and many prefer it over exercises and diet as the results of the latter are never as you desire. It involves removal of unwanted pockets of fat from areas including stomach, legs, arms, lower back, and thighs. Liposuction surgeon will help you decide the best procedure and the areas where fat is otherwise very difficult to get rid of. They specialize in Mommy Makeover which involves plastic body contouring combining various procedures like liposuction, breast lift, breast reduction, labiaplasty, etc.

    Benefits of liposuction

    Liposuction is not just for the aged or for women who have difficulty in regaining their pre-pregnancy physique but also for those who have gained a lot of weight which can prove to be chronic. Obesity is one of the common lifestyle-related problems today that has other health consequences like diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, etc and such people suffering from chronic obesity find it very difficult to exercise or even walk. Liposuction is known to help such patients.

    When you are planning on getting a liposuction, plastic surgery Vancouver make sure that you consult the best and reliable surgeon as factors like the amount of fat that needs to be removed and the fact that has to be left out are very important because if these factors when neglected results in dents and ugly marks on your body. Consult your surgeon now to know more about liposuction, it’s before & aftercare and more.

    Do your Research!

    In the end, it’s important to do your research whenever considering a major operation. Remember, people from all walks of life can improve their looks with this procedure:

    It’s practically impossible to tell who’s had it or not. And if they have, it’s nothing to be ashamed about. As we get older and age, we need technology to help us look more youthful.

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    The art of choosing the right makeup brush

    Everybody wants to look beautiful. There are a number of makeup tools in the market to enhance your beauty but where people get stuck is in determining what is right for them. Putting on a makeup is no less than painting and therefore, one must be really aware of the brush and the purpose that they serve to ensure the makeup is on point.

    Types of brushes:

    A brush is the most important tool in the makeup kit and the application of it determines how good the makeup is. Based on the importance, there are a variety of brushes one could choose from, each serving a specific motive.


    The brush, as the name suggests, is used for applying foundation or any other liquid that is smooth. This allows for an edge-free usage. One must always start from the center of the face and brush outwards to avoid any streaks on the sidelines of the face.

    Beauty Blender:

    It acts as like a sponge and therefore, the water needs to be squeezed out before application keeping it slightly damp. It is used to blend the makeup and since it has been properly squeezed, the foundation will not be soaked up.


    This is the perfect tool for people looking to use powders or bronzers on their face. It effectuates an easy and an even application on the face or on the body.


    It is a long brush with woolly bristles. The brush is primarily used to equally disseminate loose powder. It could also be used to remove the blush from the cheeks.

    Angled Blush:

    This is primarily used on cheekbones as it has inclined bristles that are only suited for this purpose. It can also be used for the application of contour powder.


    There might be times when your skin needs an extra layer of coverage to hide any spots or marks. This brush comes in handy due to its size which is small and bristles that are synthetic. It can also be used to wipe out any messy edges of lipstick.

    All-over eyeshadow:

    As the name suggests, it is used for application of shadows of cream or powder.

    Blending eyeshadow:

    The fleecy bristles are perfect for mixing the eyeshadow in the eye’s crease. It could also be used to blend, as the name suggest, various eyeshadows of multiple shades together.


    This brush helps in toning down the intensity of the eyeliner. It can also be helpful when applying pigments that are bold.

    Angled eyeliner: It is primarily used for eyelashes when applying a liner or a cream.

    Brow Comb:

    Particularly used for eyebrows, this brush can comb, un-clump or tame them.


    This is used for removing any scattered products or as a highlighter.

    Based on the information above, you might feel it is a hard task putting on a makeup but it is not; especially when you know what you are supposed to do.

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    Making A New Beginning with My New Face

    In the earlier days, I was quite apprehensive about stepping out of my house. Everywhere I went I could feel the eyes of people following me. I knew that they were not mocking me or making fun of my face but still, those gazes were disturbing. It was like I had no form of privacy left for me. I had to go from place to place in order to look for a quiet place to sit down and have a meal at. This went on for as many years as I can remember. It was not that the society treated me differently, it is just the thought of being unduly pointed out everywhere I went that troubled me the most.

    This increased to the extent that I started wearing full face masks and sunglasses to hide but that did not help. Things went from bad to worse, as now some people had an excuse to ask me to take off my mask and glasses at public areas. They were not rude but the constant realization of my facial deformity left me under confident and lacking in every endeavor. The fact that I had a life of my own seemed to have slipped from my mind as all my focus went on how to hide better from the people that I lived between. The biggest problem was my own apprehension and maladjustment with myself. I had wanted to do something about my face but could not. I saw no way out.

    Finally, something came:

    It was just another miserable day when it happened. Out of nowhere, I read about this cosmetic surgery thing that was picking up the pace and had helped a lot many people to become what they had wanted to be. It was in one of the papers that I often used to shield my face as if hiding from the sunlight. It got me intrigued, I had never known that something like this was possible. For me, it looked like my prayers had been answered and I finally had a way out. I immediately contacted the center for cosmetic surgery and scheduled my appointment. For the first time in a very long time, I was greeted with an understanding of what I went through every day. The doctor in the house was very kind to let me have a free consultation. After that, we set a date for the surgery and everything went as planned.

    The end result:

    Over the course of time as the surgery took place the following week for recovery, I saw my face after a very long time. And it was actually my face! Not eh disfigured one but the actual face that I was born with! I could not believe myself! Finally, I could find my confidence and sense of individuality growing back, I was back from the brink, and my life was back. Nowadays I do not hide from the sun, I do not wear glasses and I dine wherever I feel like.

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    A Small Change That Healed Me To My Very Soul

    Plastic surgery has been quite a controversial and debatable topic that attracts opinions and views from a large spectrum of people. Today, I am here with my story of how plastic surgery worked for me and helped me grow as a better person. It was only after I went under the knife that I found my actual self and the real me.

    Being a chirpy and active kid, I always used to engage in some of the other physical activity. Whether it was about playing in the mud or going to the nearby hill for cycling, I was always the one to summon a call to all the kids in the neighborhood. However, little did I knew that the fond memories of my childhood shall turn into a huge scar on my face which shall become a subject of ridicule and mockery in my high school and sophomore year.

    My classmates used to make fun of my face with the scar on it. I was the subject of everyone’s creativity when it came to nicknaming random people in the school and the worst part was that it never got old. In fact, with the advent of time, the occasional banter took the form of some serious bullying. I was devastated as a kid. All my self-confidence crumbled to pieces and I started looking down upon myself.

    The gentle touch of change

    It was only after I completed my sophomore year that I got to know about a reputed plastic surgeon from one of my friends. I made up my mind and visited the doctor. He analyzed my situation and suggested a surgery which would take just a few hours and would completely erase the scar from my face. After being quite hesitant about the process, I went under the knife hoping that it would turn out to be well.

    The remarkable wind of change

    The entire process took some time and after a gap of two weeks, I joined my college with the newfound me. To all the readers, I cannot tell you how the reaction and attitude of people changed. From being bantered and ridiculed in public, I was admired and complimented by my classmates for my smooth skin and good looks. The boys who used to mock at me a few days ago for being scarred went down on their knees to ask me out for a date. All of a sudden, it felt like I received all the attention for which I had been craving all my life.

    Plastic surgery changed my attitude towards life, from being an under-confident girl suffering from inferiority complex, I became a trendsetter in my college. I started taking myself seriously and it has also helped me to get the courage to share my experience with you guys.

    All I want to say is that no matter how many books and articles we keep on reading about self-acceptance, the reality is that the collective mentality of the society is what has an impact on our minds. I felt a remarkable change and thus, I strongly say that a small touch healed my life.