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A Small Change That Healed Me To My Very Soul

Plastic surgery has been quite a controversial and debatable topic that attracts opinions and views from a large spectrum of people. Today, I am here with my story of how plastic surgery worked for me and helped me grow as a better person. It was only after I went under the knife that I found my actual self and the real me.

Being a chirpy and active kid, I always used to engage in some of the other physical activity. Whether it was about playing in the mud or going to the nearby hill for cycling, I was always the one to summon a call to all the kids in the neighborhood. However, little did I knew that the fond memories of my childhood shall turn into a huge scar on my face which shall become a subject of ridicule and mockery in my high school and sophomore year.

My classmates used to make fun of my face with the scar on it. I was the subject of everyone’s creativity when it came to nicknaming random people in the school and the worst part was that it never got old. In fact, with the advent of time, the occasional banter took the form of some serious bullying. I was devastated as a kid. All my self-confidence crumbled to pieces and I started looking down upon myself.

The gentle touch of change

It was only after I completed my sophomore year that I got to know about a reputed plastic surgeon from one of my friends. I made up my mind and visited the doctor. He analyzed my situation and suggested a surgery which would take just a few hours and would completely erase the scar from my face. After being quite hesitant about the process, I went under the knife hoping that it would turn out to be well.

The remarkable wind of change

The entire process took some time and after a gap of two weeks, I joined my college with the newfound me. To all the readers, I cannot tell you how the reaction and attitude of people changed. From being bantered and ridiculed in public, I was admired and complimented by my classmates for my smooth skin and good looks. The boys who used to mock at me a few days ago for being scarred went down on their knees to ask me out for a date. All of a sudden, it felt like I received all the attention for which I had been craving all my life.

Plastic surgery changed my attitude towards life, from being an under-confident girl suffering from inferiority complex, I became a trendsetter in my college. I started taking myself seriously and it has also helped me to get the courage to share my experience with you guys.

All I want to say is that no matter how many books and articles we keep on reading about self-acceptance, the reality is that the collective mentality of the society is what has an impact on our minds. I felt a remarkable change and thus, I strongly say that a small touch healed my life.