About Us

Dovehaveyoursay is a website about Beauty Hygiene and cosmetics the reason for the website creation is because I used to share stories about my personal growth and people used to love it. I told friends and family about the time I gained confidence after I got cosmetic surgery. I used to be one of those individuals who was always insecure about my nose however once I got rhinoplasty surgery I became more confident. I decided to create this website for individuals around the world to read about Beauty Hygiene and cosmetics of other people.

A little story I would like to share is breaking down the topic of fairness in beauty. One did not choose there features on there born they were born with it. It was all genetics and it is our prime possession as humans to take care of how we look. Society has certain pressures and they have given you something to look up to. For example, many people feel like they need to look a certain way or act a certain way and this causes them to be insecure. I was very insecure about myself for many years that is why I decided to get a cosmetic surgery and ever since I have got my cosmetic surgery I have been feeling more loving to myself and the people around me instead of feeling that I am being judged I focus on the real issues in the world.

This blogs goal is to explain my stories of individuals hoping they can find some sort of motivation to push them over the edge and do what they have always been wanting to do such as whether it is personal growth or even as far as a cosmetic surgery. It is a place to feel that everyone who comes should be comfortable talking about there beauty.