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Making A New Beginning with My New Face

In the earlier days, I was quite apprehensive about stepping out of my house. Everywhere I went I could feel the eyes of people following me. I knew that they were not mocking me or making fun of my face but still, those gazes were disturbing. It was like I had no form of privacy left for me. I had to go from place to place in order to look for a quiet place to sit down and have a meal at. This went on for as many years as I can remember. It was not that the society treated me differently, it is just the thought of being unduly pointed out everywhere I went that troubled me the most.

This increased to the extent that I started wearing full face masks and sunglasses to hide but that did not help. Things went from bad to worse, as now some people had an excuse to ask me to take off my mask and glasses at public areas. They were not rude but the constant realization of my facial deformity left me under confident and lacking in every endeavor. The fact that I had a life of my own seemed to have slipped from my mind as all my focus went on how to hide better from the people that I lived between. The biggest problem was my own apprehension and maladjustment with myself. I had wanted to do something about my face but could not. I saw no way out.

Finally, something came:

It was just another miserable day when it happened. Out of nowhere, I read about this cosmetic surgery thing that was picking up the pace and had helped a lot many people to become what they had wanted to be. It was in one of the papers that I often used to shield my face as if hiding from the sunlight. It got me intrigued, I had never known that something like this was possible. For me, it looked like my prayers had been answered and I finally had a way out. I immediately contacted the center for cosmetic surgery and scheduled my appointment. For the first time in a very long time, I was greeted with an understanding of what I went through every day. The doctor in the house was very kind to let me have a free consultation. After that, we set a date for the surgery and everything went as planned.

The end result:

Over the course of time as the surgery took place the following week for recovery, I saw my face after a very long time. And it was actually my face! Not eh disfigured one but the actual face that I was born with! I could not believe myself! Finally, I could find my confidence and sense of individuality growing back, I was back from the brink, and my life was back. Nowadays I do not hide from the sun, I do not wear glasses and I dine wherever I feel like.