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The art of choosing the right makeup brush

Everybody wants to look beautiful. There are a number of makeup tools in the market to enhance your beauty but where people get stuck is in determining what is right for them. Putting on a makeup is no less than painting and therefore, one must be really aware of the brush and the purpose that they serve to ensure the makeup is on point.

Types of brushes:

A brush is the most important tool in the makeup kit and the application of it determines how good the makeup is. Based on the importance, there are a variety of brushes one could choose from, each serving a specific motive.


The brush, as the name suggests, is used for applying foundation or any other liquid that is smooth. This allows for an edge-free usage. One must always start from the center of the face and brush outwards to avoid any streaks on the sidelines of the face.

Beauty Blender:

It acts as like a sponge and therefore, the water needs to be squeezed out before application keeping it slightly damp. It is used to blend the makeup and since it has been properly squeezed, the foundation will not be soaked up.


This is the perfect tool for people looking to use powders or bronzers on their face. It effectuates an easy and an even application on the face or on the body.


It is a long brush with woolly bristles. The brush is primarily used to equally disseminate loose powder. It could also be used to remove the blush from the cheeks.

Angled Blush:

This is primarily used on cheekbones as it has inclined bristles that are only suited for this purpose. It can also be used for the application of contour powder.


There might be times when your skin needs an extra layer of coverage to hide any spots or marks. This brush comes in handy due to its size which is small and bristles that are synthetic. It can also be used to wipe out any messy edges of lipstick.

All-over eyeshadow:

As the name suggests, it is used for application of shadows of cream or powder.

Blending eyeshadow:

The fleecy bristles are perfect for mixing the eyeshadow in the eye’s crease. It could also be used to blend, as the name suggest, various eyeshadows of multiple shades together.


This brush helps in toning down the intensity of the eyeliner. It can also be helpful when applying pigments that are bold.

Angled eyeliner: It is primarily used for eyelashes when applying a liner or a cream.

Brow Comb:

Particularly used for eyebrows, this brush can comb, un-clump or tame them.


This is used for removing any scattered products or as a highlighter.

Based on the information above, you might feel it is a hard task putting on a makeup but it is not; especially when you know what you are supposed to do.